Nala Yoga

in Sanskrit meaning stem; in African languages meaning successful; in Swahili meaning gift.

Nala Yoga is focused on practicing mindfulness and tapping into the strength that your body holds within. Through private sessions we can discover your body’s needs and capabilities, your intuition and your essence.

 About Us

Nicole Ann Lucas

Nala sessions are based off of a Vinyasa style practice, synchronizing breath to movement. Through private sessions we will have the opportunity to focus on your specific needs and goals. I cater to the individual needs that evolve over time. By using unique sequencing, music, essential oils, crystals and other healing modalities that may benefit that particular students healing and experience. I continue to discover new ways to use what I learn on the mat and transform fear into love in my life. Whether you are experiencing yoga for the first time or finding new ways to deepen your practice it would be such a joy to be a guide on your path. 




Donation based classes are offered for introductory students at varying locations throughout the month. It is a priority with NALA to establish classes to best fit your needs and expectations going forward.


$100/ Single Session

$400/ 5 Session Package

 *Please inquire about multiple person or group rates

The Benefits of Private Practice
+ Introduce yourself to a yoga practice
+ Deepen your practice and understanding of the yoga philosophy
+ Healing or overcoming an injury or health issue
+ Cope with stress, anxiety and/or depression
+ Become your most authentic self

"Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing, there is a field. I’ll meet you there"

- RUMI -




All the light I see...

Inspiration is all around us, we just have to look for it. In the times when it is hard to see the light, we need others to guide the way. Here I hope to guide you towards a variety of sources of inspiration and healing. Whether yoga related, music, books or restaurants and businesses that feed the soul. I welcome your contributions as we can all be in support of the light workers among us.


A note of gratitude....

Thank you to my many teachers, you have given ongoing inspiration and guidance to finding my voice. To my family and friends, it is through you that I can see the reflection of who I want to be and what I want to give. A special thank you to Meagan Krishnappan, along with her team at Ragaventera Design, and to K. Schneiderman Photography for helping bring my vision to life. Even more than your talents, the women that you are inspires me every day and I am lucky to call you my friends.

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